22 Dead, 59 Wounded after Manchester Arena Suicide Bombing

Manchester, England

At approximately 10:33 P.M. yesterday, 22 people were killed after a bomber detonated an IED (improvised explosive device) at an Ariana Grande concert in Britain’s Manchester Arena, police say.

One concertgoer managed to catch the exact moment the bomb went off. Please be advised the video clip contains loud noises and may be disturbing to some viewers.



Officials said 59 other people were wounded, including some who suffered life-threatening injuries. Many others remained missing.



The incident sparked a night-long search for loved ones as frantic parents tried to locate their children, and groups of friends scattered by the explosion sought each other.

“We have been treating this as a terrorist incident,” Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Ian Hopkins told reporters. “Our priority is to establish whether he was acting alone or as part of a network.”


Ariana Grande performing in Manchester


23-year-old Ariana Grande tweeted early Tuesday: “broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. i don’t have words.”

In a statement, Scooter Braun, Grande’s manager, thanked first responders “who rushed towards danger to help save lives.”

He added: “We ask all of you to hold the victims, their families and all those affected in your hearts and prayers.”

Manchester is located 160 miles northwest of London. It was hit by a huge Irish Republican Army bomb in 1996 that leveled a swath of the city center. More than 200 people were injured in that attack, though no one was killed.

U.S. President Donald Trump described the attack as the work of “evil losers”.


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