When you’re on your last day of work…

Depending on your standing at your company, the last day of work can be expressed with one of three feelings:

  1. Awesome, because you’re getting the hell out of dodge immediately. You won’t miss any of your coworkers, you won’t miss your annoying boss barking orders, you won’t miss that sneaky dude that always stole your lunch from the fridge. You’re over and done, and you can’t wait till 5 o’clock rolls around so you can throw up the peace sign (or middle finger LOL) and roll off into the sunset. You may even open up both doors of the office while leaving and light a cigarette, because fuck yeah.


A smoke and a pancake


  1. Sad, because you’ve gotten fired. You’re dragging your feet and saying good-bye to all your friends as security is trying to escort you out the building faster. You’re saving everything, down to your slightly scratched name tape. You’ve also decided to leave that yogurt on the bottom shelf of the fridge, so they can remember how great you were and what a mistake they made firing you.


Chin up, don’t let them see you cry


  1. Neutral, because you’ve put in your two weeks and survived long enough to get to your last day.This can be a combination of the above two feelings. You feel great because you’ve had a great ride with the company, and made some great friends. You’ll miss them all dearly, and you’ve already added them all on LinkedIn. You’ve got a happy hour planned later in the evening to get loose and let all your now ex-coworkers know how you really feel.


US President Barack Obama Visits Ireland
Guinness is still the drink of champions


No matter what you’re feeling, the fact remains that, eventually, your day will end and you’ll wake up starting fresh with a new slate (unless you’ve burned down your old company, in which case the police will be knocking down your door denying you of such).

Barack Obama is no different, as we are in the final 24 hours of his 8 year contract position with the United States government. Yes, tomorrow after the Inauguration, he will be exiting stage left-wing to make room for a brand spanking new Commander-in-Chief, Donald Trump. His last days are, however, unlike most folks – he spends his time packing his bags, giving small interviews, issuing pardons, commuting sentences (Chelsea Manning, most notably), and admitting to the people that he has actually been moonlighting as Batman since he was sworn in office.




Obama will be around the way in Washington D.C, as he has decided to stay local while his daughter, Malia Obama, finishes up school.


The Obama Residence


Obama leaves office with about a 60% presidential approval rating across the U.S., which is pretty freakin’ awesome. What will life hold for him after The Oval Office? I guess we will have to just wait to find out! 🙂


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