When you’re on a top-secret mission but need to charge your phone

Sometimes, even on the most critical of missions, you need your phone charged in case your mom calls telling you she’s making that good pot roast you love when you make it back home. But if you don’t have a solar charger on hand…and you’re not Raiden from Mortal Kombat…how do you charge it?

Like this!

  • 5 v: 2.1A/1A charger. Not from the vehicle you’ll be convoying in. Your First Sergeant probably wouldn’t like that.
  • A tiny bottle. Those of you shrewd enough will notice that this is a standard issue drug test bottle used by the military. Make sure it’s a fresh one (if that isn’t obvious).
  • Electrical Tape
  • USB Cord(s)
  • A cell phone.
  • A slice of cake for your accomplishment party. Serves 1.




Engineering Credits

Thanh Truong 




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