Air Force officer accused of selling military gear on Ebay

A U.S. Air Force officer is accused of banking over $50,000 by selling stolen high-grade military gear on eBay.

Zachary Sizemore was entrusted with safeguarding more than $2.9 million worth of military equipment – including weapons, ammunition, night-vision goggles, and thermal imagers – at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base, according to a newly unsealed complaint.

It seems Sizemore, who worked as an armorer with the 88th Security Forces Squadron, thought it would be a good idea to turn the stash of arms into a stash of cash for himself. How he figured he was going to get away, I’d very much like to know.

In May, he sold state-of-the-art Harris Corp. Army/Navy PVS-7D night-vision goggles for $1,713.45, says the complaint.

The complaint states that he also sold an L-3 Communications Corp. Mini-Thermal monocular that same month for $3,450.00.

When feds were alerted of Sizemore’s activity, they planted an undercover agent in Queens to buy a military mini-thermal monocular from Sizemore in October for $4,055.00.

He sold 38 pieces of eBay between 2013 – 2016, for an aggregated total of over a whopping $50,000, court papers say. Sizemore, who was arrested in Dayton, has to return to Brooklyn next week to face charges of theft of government property.



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  1. GP Cox says:

    Crooks always think that they have a plan to out-smart the law!

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    1. AAFF says:

      And they never get away with it! You’d think they’d learn!

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