Family of slain Soldier booed on Plane

In what may be the most irritating, disgusting thing you’ll probably read before Thanksgiving, a Stockton, California father of a soldier who was killed in Afghanistan last week says he and his family were booed by passengers on the plane that was taking them to retrieve their son’s remains.

Stewart Perry, an ex-Marine, his wife Kathy and their daughter were flying to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware to pick up the remains of their son, 30-year-old Sgt. John W. Perry. A connecting flight in Phoenix was delayed, and to make sure the family didn’t miss their connection, the captain asked the passengers to stay seated so a “special military family” could exit first.

Here is where apparently, people forgot how to be fucking human.

Stewart Perry: “When the captain delivered the news, that’s when several passengers in first class began to boo us. Other passengers were complaining about having to wait to exit the plane.”

Quick Rant: Why the people in first class, WHO ALREADY GET OFF THE FLIGHT FIRST, were angry about having to wait a few more seconds to deplane is beyond me. Why the passengers, who no doubt seen the family at least once before boarding the first flight, were angry is beyond me. The only thing I know is….I’m glad I wasn’t there, I would have had plenty of words for these people and none of them would have been kind! I feel terribly sorry for the family, they never should have put through this at all.

The Department of Defense says two soldiers, 20-year-old PFC. Tyler R. Iubelt of Tamaroa, Illinois and John Perry died Saturday from injuries inflicted by an IED (improvised explosive device) in Bagram, Afghanistan.


Rest in Peace to this Hero, Sgt. John Perry



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  1. GP Cox says:

    I started reading this article this morning and became so disgusted that I couldn’t finish it! Ignorance seems to have become the “In” thing these days.

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    1. AAFF says:

      You have no idea how angry this made me! Ignorance has and always will be bliss…

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