Homeless Veteran Assistance


So many of our Veterans are unaware of the multitude of programs available to them.  There are several assisted living programs for our homeless Veterans that offer them a furnished room with communal bathrooms/eating areas and place that they can call home.  They work with the VA and the first five months are often free of charge (after the first five months there will be a minimal rent charge),  job assistance is available and those that work within the program work very hard to accommodate our Veterans’ needs.  If you are a homeless/near homeless Veteran or know a homeless/near homeless Veteran, please see the links below for a program in your area.  You can call on behalf of a homeless Veteran.  The Veteran will need their DD-214 to get into the program.

If you are in the NY area (located in Poughkeepsie):

NY Hudson River Housing

**We are very familiar with the SSVF program in NY and although it isn’t in the best area,  the people are great and the Veterans are supplied with their own furnished room (bed, dresser, mini-fridge, microwave, sink w/mirror and closet).  The bathrooms, eating area and library within the building are communal.

New Jersey:

SSVF New Jersey

California (located in Kern County):

SSVF California


SSVF Florida


SSVF Texas


Please see this links below for more info or programs in your area:

Supportive Services for Veteran Families – General

VA Housing Assistance – General


*To locate these services in your area, google SSVF and your state.







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